We have had great success working with children and teens with Asperger’s Disorder and non-verbal learning disabilities on improving social skills, reducing rigidity, and caring about others. People with Asperger’s Disorder may have difficulty with reciprocal communication and emotion. They can be introverts who like to be alone. Understanding other people’s point of view and feelings can be difficult and some people with Asperger’s can be overly emotional with anxiety and anger. They are much better with learning concrete information then understanding abstract concepts. Frequently people with Asperger’s demonstrate obsessive compulsive behaviors where they have very limited, unique interests that they continuously focus on. They may have attentional difficulty at school, focus on themselves and may have a hard time seeing how their present actions affect their future. All the areas listed above can be worked on in our office. We also offer guidance to parents on best practices in parenting children with Asperger’s disorder.

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