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People in our country seek out medication and quick fixes to relieve their heightened levels of anxiety, anger, and depression. I frequently see clients who are not able to find an appropriate way to relieve their unwanted emotions and end up avoiding situations, seeking reassurance, misbehaving, seeking attention, being addicted to something, and blaming others.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy I use acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help people to deal with unwanted feelings. Using ACT therapy I have had significant success in helping people to recognize their unwanted feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, learn coping skills to deal with these feelings, problem solve what to do when overly stressed, make behavioral changes, and work on strategies to change the focus away from stressful areas and instead on to more productive areas of the person’s life.

When working with children and teenagers I coach parents in using best practices to parent their children. I can work with parents to come up with simple, yet effective behavior plans as well as teach parents how to effectively talk to and discipline their children.